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On this page, we explain you step by step how you can use our new form to suggest missing articles or conference papers to INSPIRE.

The form will auto-save every time you include information, so you can stop and continue whenever you want.

In case you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via email or using the feedback button on the right of the page.

Step 1

To access the suggestion form, click the submit button located in the top right of the page.

submit button

Step 2

If you know an arXiv ID and/or a DOI of your document, please use it. It will save you lots of time! Pressing the Import button will pre-fill the form automatically.

The identifiers you enter are validated by the system, if the format is not correct or the document already exists in our database, an error message will inform you automatically.

If you don’t know or there is no arXiv ID or a DOI for your suggested publication, click “Skip, and fill the form manually” and go directly to Step 4.


Step 3

After the import you will see a confirmation message. Click continue to get to the form and extend the imported information.

import preview

The pre-filled fields are shown in green, but you can still edit them if the information imported is not accurate enough.


Step 4

Select the type of your document from the dropdown list. For the Thesis submission, select “Thesis”. Please, notice it is not the default option.


Step 5

If you provide a link to the article you are suggesting, INSPIRE will be able to extract more information about it, and link it and thus make it easier to find. Take into account that such links should point to accessible publications. INSPIRE will not be able to access links to subscription journals.

You can also include a second link, where additional information about the publication can be found, for example the conference page, abstract, slides, etc.


Step 6

The form includes some mandatory fields, highlighted using a red asterisk *. However, the more information you provide, the easier will be for us to include the publication as part of INSPIRE.

basic information

All through the form, there are many fields where the information can be auto-completed directly from our database. You can distinguish them by the “Start typing for suggestion” text in the field.

Some examples are: affiliations, experiments…


autocomplete examples

Step 7

Fill in the specific details about your thesis. You can provide us with further information about it, such as the degree type, the university, etc.


Step 8

Please notice that there are many other fields that you could fill. They will be shown as a collapsed list, and you can expand them by clicking on the blue bars.

collapsed bars

Step 9

You can also paste the reference list of the publication directly into the form. This will help us extracting them and counting the citations of the referenced papers correctly on INSPIRE.

We will also try to extract more reference information if you provide us a link to the PDF of the article as shown in step 5.


Step 10

Finally, please feel free to provide any further detail you consider important to process your suggestion. In particular, it will be very useful to provide comments regarding the relevance of the publication to High-Energy Physics, in case it covers a neighbour field.


Step 11

When you have finished filling the form, please click the Submit button, on the bottom right of the page. It will gather all the information and submit it to our database.


Step 12

When your submission is correctly received, a confirmation message will appear.


Your suggestion will proceed through a manual approval phase. We will notify you as soon as it has been processed. So you will receive two e-mails, the first to confirm the reception and the second informing you of the outcome.

Again, in case you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact our team. Thanks for having the patience to read through all this 😉

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