INSPIRE (http://inspirehep.net/) is a trusted community hub that helps researchers to share and find accurate scholarly information in high energy physics. It serves as a one-stop information platform for HEP community, comprising 8 interlinked databases on literature, conferences, institutions, journals, researchers, experiments, jobs and data. Run in collaboration by CERN, […]


Searching See our Search Tips page. Authorship How can I make sure my publication list on INSPIRE is correct? How can I create an authors.xml file to ensure my paper’s authors and their affiliations are handled correctly? The author publication profile page says “Unknown” for my affiliation – what can […]

Content Policy

INSPIRE is maintained for the benefit of High Energy Physics professionals engaged in research. To maintain high quality and a strong focus on high-energy physics, the HEP literature research collection is actively curated as to the types of content selected as well as its focus. These guidelines also apply to […]

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The INSPIRE collaboration does not track, collect or retain personal information from users of INSPIRE, except as otherwise provided herein. ┬áIn order to enhance INSPIRE and monitor traffic, non-personal information such as IP addresses and cookies may be tracked and retained, as well as log files shared in aggregation with […]