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In the past, we were primarily processing support requests by email at,,, etc. These email addresses are no longer active and new messages sent there will not receive a reply.

  • New content: please use the submission forms. Please check our content policy in advance and do not use those forms for updates.
  • Corrections to existing records: You can correct certain information yourself, for example correcting a reference or claiming/removing a paper from your author profile. Please see correction tools for more information.
  • For other problems, please submit a request using our feedback form.
If for some reason you are not able to use that form

If your are really unable to use the form, you can also write to us by email at Note that the processing of feedback received through email is much less efficient for our team, so you will experience a longer delay before receiving a reply. If you can access the form, it is by far the preferred method to contact us.

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