Export your INSPIRE works to ORCID

To ensure that works listed in your INSPIRE author profile are always pushed to your ORCID record, be sure to have the following before continuing: An ORCID (Open Researcher Contributor Identifier) iD, and An INSPIRE author profile If your ORCID and INSPIRE author profile are coupled together in INSPIRE, you can […]

Create an INSPIRE author profile

Having an INSPIRE author profile that is coupled to your ORCID iD, will not only allow you to submit literature, authors, and even job postings but, more importantly, edit your profile and claim authorship for works in INSPIRE. To create an INSPIRE author profile you will first need to log […]

Adding a new collaboration (experiment/theory) to INSPIRE

If you have a new collaboration (experiment/theory) that should be added to INSPIRE, please send an email to experiments@inspirehep.net with the following information: Experiment short-name: Experiment full title: Date proposed: (yyyy-mm-dd) Date approved: Date started: URL: Twitter: Description/abstract: *Category: If possible, it is also very helpful to have a list of […]

INSPIRE Author list tools

Author identity is highly important in INSPIRE. We manage this by clustering papers into author profiles based on ORCIDs or INSPIRE IDs, if they exist in the paper’s record or, failing that, on simple name string matching. While the ID-based approach works very well, string matching is far less precise […]


Searching See our Search Tips page. Authorship How can I make sure my publication list on INSPIRE is correct? How can I create an authors.xml file to ensure my paper’s authors and their affiliations are handled correctly? The author publication profile page says “Unknown” for my affiliation – what can […]

INSPIRE Project Overview

CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC have built the next-generation High Energy Physics (HEP) information system, INSPIRE. It combines the successful SPIRES database content, curated at DESY, Fermilab and SLAC, with the Invenio digital library technology developed at CERN. INSPIRE is run by a collaboration of CERN, DESY, Fermilab, IHEP, IN2P3, and […]

Privacy Policy

The INSPIRE collaboration does not track, collect or retain personal information from users of INSPIRE, except as otherwise provided here. INSPIRE will take all reasonable measures to protect the privacy of its users and to resist service interruptions, intentional attacks, or other events that may compromise the security of the […]

Terms of Use

Use of the INSPIRE service (hereafter “INSPIRE”) denotes agreement with the following terms: 1.     INSPIRE is provided free of charge for educational and informational use. 2.     The contents of INSPIRE will be updated or otherwise modified on a regular basis.  INSPIRE reserves the right to alter or delete information without […]