Create an INSPIRE author profile

Having an INSPIRE author profile that is coupled to your ORCID iD, will not only allow you to submit literature, authors, and even job postings but, more importantly, edit your profile and claim authorship for works in INSPIRE.

To create an INSPIRE author profile you will first need to log into INSPIRE (using your ORCID iD). See this KB if you need to create an ORCID account.

There are 6 steps to create your INSPIRE author profile:

1) Log into INSPIRE by clicking on ‘Login’, and then ‘Login with ORCID’:

2) Log in by using your ORCID credentials, or

3) any linked account:

use ORCID credentials

4) Click on ‘Submit’, and then select ‘Author’ to bring up the form:

5) Fill in the form. Provide an ORCID (this is not auto-filled), and then

6) click on ‘Submit’:

An approval is required on the creation of a new author profile:

Once approved, the ORCID iD and the INSPIRE author profile are exclusively associated to you, and in your author profile, the icons for:

  • ORCID (link to your ORCID record)
  • settings
  • edit

will be enabled, hence confirming that this is indeed the case:



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