Full listing of search terms

The following table presents a list of all search terms in INSPIRE with minimalist examples. For starred (*) terms, more detailed information on using the search terms can be found on the search tips page.

Term/Abbrev Interpretation Example (simple) Example (advanced)
* a, au, author author name a j smith a:smith, j
abstracts abstract abstracts.value:Jarlskog
* ac author-count (number of authors in the paper) ac 100+ authorcount:100+
* af, aff, affiliation affiliation af harvard u. af:harvard u.
cn, collaboration collaboration name cn cms cn:cms
* conference, cnum conference number publication_info.cnum:C20-09-07.3
documents documents documents.description:Article from SCOAP3
* d, date date associated with a paper (when it was written, when it was published in a journal, etc.) date 2013 date:2013
da, dadd date added to INSPIRE dadd 2013-01
dadd today
* de date paper first appeared de 2013 de:2013
doi doi doi 10.1086/304059 doi:10.1086/304059
du,dupd date updated in INSPIRE du 2013-01
du today
ea, exact-author exact name of the author ea ellis, john ea:ellis, john
eprint arXiv eprint number eprint 1302.0137 eprint:1302.0137
exp, experiment, se experiment number accelerator_experiments.legacy_name:FNAL-E-0823
* external system identifiers identifiers from other services external_system_identifiers.schema:HEPData
fa, first-author name of first author fa thomas,a w firstauthor:thomas, a w
* ft, fulltext searches the fulltext, if available on INSPIRE ft higgs fulltext:higgs
* subject field code, based on arXiv eprint categories subject Theory-HEP subject:Theory-HEP
* j, journal journal publication j phys.rev.,d34,1
j phys.rev.d and vol 34
jy, journal-year year of publication in a journal jy 2002 jy:2002
number_of_pages length of paper number_of_pages:40->100
k, keyword, kw keyword, PACS, PDG codes k unparticle
k 11.10.Cd
* primarch primary eprint archive category primarch hep-ex primarch:hep-ex
recid INSPIRE record identifier recid 1756201 recid:1756201
* r, report, report-num report number r fermilab-tm-2551-di r:fermilab-tm-2551-di
* refersto papers citing a paper or author refersto a n.f.bell.1
refersto recid 1262571
t, ti, title title word t quark t:quark
texkey record key for LaTeX and BibTeX display texkey Allison:1980vw texkey:Allison:1980vw
* tc, type-code type of work, document type tc thesis tc:thesis
* topcit, topcite, cited number of citations topcit 100+ cited:100->999999999 (999999999 is an arbitrary big number)

Referring to the search conditions used in 2 examples above:

  • “accelerator_experiments.legacy_name:FNAL-E-0823”
  • “documents.description:Article from SCOAP3”

any field of the record metadata can be searched for by using its path. The path is built by concatenating the nested keys (separated with “.”), followed by a “:” and the value for which to search, as follows:

  • “accelerator_experiments.legacy_name:FNAL-E-0823″
  • “documents.description:Article from SCOAP3″

You can consult the INSPIRE JSON Schema to see more JSON keys/properties for use in your search.

Last modified: 2021-04-22

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