Have you found an INSPIRE record that contains incorrect or missing information in INSPIRE? See the instructions below (organized by INSPIRE collection) to determine whether you can correct the information yourself or it must be submitted to the INSPIRE team through a form. For information on submitting new content to […]

Most used search operators in INSPIRE

Since INSPIRE counts over 1 million records – and the number keeps growing – we wanted to make it easier for our users to flip through the database in quest of a specific paper. Following a study in 2019, we found out that almost 60% of the searches were based […]

Full listing of search terms

The following table presents a list of all search terms in INSPIRE with minimalist examples. For starred (*) terms, more detailed information on using the search terms can be found on the search tips page. Term/Abbrev Interpretation Example (simple) Example (advanced) * a, au, author author name a j smith […]

Search tips for using INSPIRE

Jump to section of interest: Search basics: Keyword-based vs. free-form (Google-style) Title Author name More about author searching Search by number of authors Logical operators: priority, parentheses and truncation Journals Dates Eprints Report number Experiments/collaborations Affiliations Conference papers Citation count (topcite) Calculating the h-index Articles that refer to a particular […]

Citation metrics

These are descriptions of (and information about) the citation metrics available in Invenio. You can find these metrics by clicking the toggle next to the sorting options at the top of any HEP Literature search or author profile page.   We currently display the following citation statistics for any group […]

INSPIRE Content Sources

To achieve its broad coverage of topics of interest to researchers in high energy physics, INSPIRE aggregates content from a very wide array of sources. Here are some of the central resources that are regularly used in INSPIRE’s content acquisition.  It is not an exhaustive list. We wish to sincerely […]

INSPIRE Publications and Talks

Talks, papers, and other places where INSPIRE or related material was discussed The top 40 physics hits of 2012, Symmetry magazine, May 2013. [Link] Talk: How partnership accelerates Open Science: High-Energy-Physics and INSPIRE, a case study of a complex repository ecosystem given by Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen and Bernard Hecker. OR2013 Prince Edward Island [Link to Summary, […]

INSPIRE Advisory Board

Governance Sabine Crépé-Renaudin (IN2P3) Alexander Kohls (CERN) Micha Moskovic (CERN) Heath O’Connell (Fermilab) Kirsten Sachs (DESY) Jian Yu (IHEP) Advisory board Alberto Accomazzi, Project Manager, NASA Astrophysics Data System, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (ADS) John Beacom (Chair), Professor (Ohio State U.) Kyle Cranmer, Professor (New York University) Yonit Hochberg, Assistant […]

Literature Corrections

We divide corrections into those related to citations and references, and all other issues. Please treat them as indicated below. Non-Citation Issues For corrections other than citations and references, click the ‘Report metadata issues‘ link at the bottom of INSPIRE search and record pages. This will take you to a […]

Submit new content to INSPIRE

Do you have something that isn’t in INSPIRE? We are interested in maintaining as comprehensive a database as possible in accordance with our content policy. To submit new content to INSPIRE, you must be logged in with your ORCID account (see this help page if you need to create an […]