We divide corrections into those related to citations and references, and all other issues. Please treat them as indicated below.

Non-Citation Issues

For corrections other than citations and references, simply email your request to (you can also click the ‘Report metadata issues‘ link at the bottom of INSPIRE search and record pages). Be sure to identify the paper that has a problem in a unique way (DOI, journal reference, eprint number, report number or INSPIRE ID) and clearly explain what the problem is and how you suggest it should be resolved.


You can send reference corrections to In order for a reference to be recognised and linked in INSPIRE, one of the following needs to be provided:

  • DOI
  • e-print reference
  • complete publication information (journal name, volume, year and page-range/article ID

Determine which of the three options below best fits your reference correction:

  • If an updated reference list is available on arXiv or from the publisher, please indicate this in your email.
  • If individual references should be corrected, please provide a link to the record that has the reference list that should be updated and indicate exactly which references should be corrected and which records should be cited. Example:

    Please update the references of Reference #4 should refer to Nucl.Phys.B 135 (1978) 149 (

  • If several references need to be corrected, or the INSPIRE record only contains a partial reference list, please send the reference list in a .txt file with each reference on a separate line. Example:
    Aasi, J., Abadie, J., Abbott, B. P., et al. 2015, Classical and Quantum Gravity, 32, 115012
    Acernese, F., Agathos, M., Agatsuma, K., et al. 2014, Classical and Quantum Gravity, 32, 024001
    Achterberg, A., Ackermann, M., Adams, J., et al. 2006, Astroparticle Physics, 26, 155
    Ageron, M., Aguilar, J., Al Samarai, I., et al. 2011, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 656, 11

It is INSPIRE policy that the published reference list is the official version. If a record has been published, please do not send updates for the arXiv version of the reference list.

Some records, such as conference proceedings and books with chapters written by different authors, should not contain reference lists. References are stored in the individual records for the conference papers or book chapters (see Why do some works get a lot of separate records for the sections in INSPIRE?). References will not be updated/added to records of conference proceedings or books that also have individual records for each chapter. If some of these records do contain a partial reference list, this is an error created by our automated reference extraction tools. You can let us know that these references should be removed by emailing

Only references that can link to an existing record in INSPIRE are counted in INSPIRE’s citation metrics.

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