We divide corrections into those related to citations and references, and all other issues. Please treat them as indicated below.

Non-Citation Issues

For corrections other than citations and references, simply email your request to (you can also click the ‘Report metadata issues‘ link at the bottom of INSPIRE search and record pages). Be sure to identify the paper that has a problem in a unique way (DOI, journal reference, eprint number, report number or INSPIRE ID) and clearly explain what the problem is and how you suggest it should be resolved.


Please use our textmining form Reference extraction works by identifying something unique in the reference string that can be resolved as a work, usually:

  1. eprint number
  2. DOI
  3. journal name, volume, page number
  4. report number
  5. ISBN

So, if Refextract isn’t working it’s because it can’t find any of those. The solution is to add one of these identifiers for your work in the reference string, and then it will catch it. For example:
R.~Brun et al., “GEANT Detector Description and Simulation Tool,” CERN writeup.
R.~Brun et al., “GEANT Detector Description and Simulation Tool,” CERN writeup 10.17181/CERN.MUHF.DMJ1

Once you have done a first pass, if references were missed just copy the extracted references into the text box, fixing any mistakes (e.g. wrong volume or page number you may have to add a missing eprint number), and iterate until all the references are correctly extracted and linked in blue (at least those that are in INSPIRE). Note that each reference should be on its own line (or clearly distinguished by a semi-colon). Then send this final text list of references to with the matching url of the record (e.g. and we will update the reference list of the record.

Note that any reference that has a blue link in the existing INSPIRE record should also have a blue link in your version. So please check the reference page for a record and make sure you have everything, e.g.

If you have any difficulties with this, please contact us at

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